The Rock

エアーズロック ウルル
I m back from outback!
It was really really.. special days.

Can you imagine?

The long straight road,
Strong sunshine,
Red desert,
Clear blue sky,
Lost Canyon,
Dried river,
Sleeping under the million stars(It was cold night!)
Kangaroo on the road,
The valley of Wind, which is an art of wind and water,
I could feel the power of land,
Culture of Aboriginal people,
Sunset to the land and sunrise from the land,
Friendly people from Eupope,
Cooking outside,
Camping in the bush!
And needless to say,the highlight was ‘The Rock’

It was a rock. But it was a special rock.

I cannot explain everything that I have experienced in this 3 days. But I will never forget everything, keep this feeling in my mind, and I think this is the highlight of my life.

Go wild and just feel it real, guys!
エアーズロック ウルル

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